Horizontal Paperweight – PW2


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Dimensions 3.75 × 1.25 × 2 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery cultivates and maintains a diverse, culturally inclusive, and creative platform that honors individuals in the visual arts. The gallery is proud to craft experiences that fuel the therapeutic, educational, and influential facets of art for visitors and the community. Come and witness a rich amalgamation of artistic brilliance, inclusivity, and forward-thinking within the venerable walls of the gallery.


Interested buyers who have a penchant for collecting whimsical decor will find the Frogman art of particular interest. The sculptor draws inspiration from the critters that live in woodlands, marshes, and swamps. A sizable selection of his work can be viewed at the gallery.

Created as part of a series of accessories by Frogman, Horizontal Paperweight was released in response to his fans’ requests. Functional and perfect for everyday use, the paperweight reflects the essence of the sculptor’s earlier collections. He chooses a raw bronze patina and a mix of matte and glossy finishes for this sculpture. A nimble frog gets comfortable on the slab of metal, looking down to inspect what lies below. Whether you place this in your office or reading nook, Horizontal Paperweight will make the perfect desk companion.