Over the Top – BF68


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Dimensions 13 × 27.5 × 11.25 in


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The art consultants and specialists at the Marcus Ashley Gallery go out of their way to ensure that visitors make the most of their time. For those unsure about what to pick for a space, the staff can digitally recreate a room for easy visualization. With their help, you can see how a particular piece of art will look in a room or on a surface. The gallery simplifies the buying process so buyers can make an informed purchase with zero confusion. They can assist you with picking a sculpture or more from the stunning Frogman art collection by Tim Cotterill.

Tim “Frogman” Cotterill is a master of metalwork sculptures and is admired for his ability to turn mere metal into works of art. Inspired by the small animals that populate the wild, marshlands, and countryside, the sculptor reanimates them through his work. In Over the Top, he experiments with a composition of graceful form and rich value. A single leaf dramatically arches as a frog mounts its surface for a closer look at a butterfly. The tiny inquisitive amphibian’s icy blue patina holds a rich luminosity that beautifully complements the deep green foliage. Bring home Over the Top to act as a central piece for other amphibious Frogman creations.