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Dimensions 7 × 10.2 × 5.75 in

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There’s something magical about the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Within this 4400 sq. ft. brick-and-mortar establishment, you’ll find a breathtaking collection of drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures, and decorative installations. The gallery displays the work of artists from all over California and even from the furthest parts of the globe. Visitors can dive into Tim Cotterill’s “pond” of wonders aptly titled Frogman art, at the gallery.

The expression ‘out on a limb’ was coined to describe an awkward situation when an animal cannot get off the limb of a tree. Since it can’t retreat or get over the obstacle, the animal tries to maneuver itself, painting a humorous sight. In Frogman’s Out on a Limb, a crimson red frog finds himself in quite a pickle! Unable to jump over, his body contorts awkwardly over the branch. The asymmetrical composition of the frog is no mean feat to achieve, but Frogman makes it look easy with his technical mastery and meticulous execution.