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Dimensions 2 × 7.25 × 4 in


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Fans looking for Frogman art will find that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is a go-to destination to view and buy the sculptor’s work. As a kid, Cotterill spent a lot of time playing in the English countryside. He was drawn to the beauty and vibrant personalities of the frogs that he chanced upon. Decades later, he continues to passionately observe frogs in his garden and during his travels around the world. The gallery is proud to support the work of Frogman and invites audiences to revel in the artistry of his exhibits.

Monet, Tim Cotterill’s 3rd release of 2020, emerges hesitantly from the Frogman Bronzes pond, getting the lay of the land. Embellished with a watery turquoise patina, randomly textured with dark blue veining, Monet is emboldened by his surroundings and decides to venture out. You’ll find yourself cheering the little frog’s tentative yet brave steps into the unknown! Frogman crafts Monet through the Lost Wax casting process, a technique involving deliberate steps to ensure the outcome is flawless.

Monet sports a lovely vibrant patina that makes him stand out beautifully like most of the frogs that make up the sculptor’s flourishing oeuvre.