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Dimensions 1 × 3 × 3 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a prestigious establishment known for its incredible collection of artwork, including the Frogman art, an animal-inspired collection by the jovial Tim Cotterill. Since he moved from England in 1990, Frogman has been working out of his Venice Beach studio in Cali. You’ll be intrigued and excited to explore the sculptor’s work — a collection of some of nature’s tiny but finest creatures, right here at the gallery.


In many cultures, the ladybug symbolizes prosperity and success, while the frog is regarded for its good fortune and well-being. Together, they make a powerful symbol of good luck to those who believe in their positive presence and influence. Frogman creates Lucky Bug with a soothing palette of golden yellow and bright cherry red patinas. The frog’s mottled skin carries deeper tones that swirl and settle across its stout trunk. Frogman’s choice of saturated patinas mimics the skin colors of real frogs in the most lovely way.


As the frog lies still with its front legs outstretched, a ladybug lands on its flippers. Without budging an inch, the frog stares in wonder at the little creature. Perhaps the little amphibian has made himself an unlikely friend! Collectors can pair Lucky Bug with other sculptures by Frogman to create a show-stopping collection.