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Lake Tahoe is a hidden gem that borders the Sierra Nevada region, a heavenly destination worth traveling to. The Californian region will please vacationers and locals who enjoy spending time outdoors. After soaking up the local delights and indulging in adventurous activities at Lake Tahoe, visitors can stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery for a memorable experience.


The gallery boasts an enviable collection of some of the world’s finest art from creators like Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, and Todd White. Impressive Frogman art by Tim Cotterill also enlivens the spacious walkways of the gallery. The California-based sculptor’s distinctive approach and style breathe life into his works of art. Explore and enjoy his animal-inspired sculptures at the gallery.


In Lily of the Valley, an inquisitive frog chances upon a lone ladybug hanging off a fallen sprig of flowers. The frog sports a lovely sunset-hued patina, diffused with watercolor ring formations across its trunk. The sculpture captures the lovely synergy of nature and life. It recreates the rich green of the stems, the delicate white of the flowers, and the bold tones of the frog and ladybug.  Lily of the Valley is a Frogman classic that deserves a spot in any room.