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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a community-driven, people-centric establishment that welcomes visitors from all walks of life. Once you step through its doors, you are welcomed by a kind, attentive staff that will be happy to take you through the exhibits. Besides its ever-growing selection of historic and contemporary work, the gallery curates Frogman art. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill is a celebrated figure in the art community for his animal-inspired sculptures. His work captures critters in relaxed or animated poses, and his sculptures appear as if plucked from their very habitats.

The sweetness of love runs deep in The Kiss, a sculpture of two frogs gently leaning in for a kiss. Their webbed front feet lock as they stare deeply into each other’s eyes. Fiery red patinas amplify the theme and energy of this piece. Notice how one of the frogs sports a lovely infusion of red and yellow, settling across its head and trunk in a gradient finish. Subtle skin markings create a realistic effect that Frogman introduces to create depth and the illusion of texture.

The Kiss is a heartwarming sculpture to give someone special or to add to one’s collection. You’ll love how The Kiss looks right at home on a coffee table, windowsill, or bookshelf.