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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3.5 in


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Hidden coves, sandy shorelines, rugged terrain, and crystal-clear waters surround Lake Tahoe in every direction. This Sierra Nevada region is as inspiring as it is beautiful. Artists, writers, and photographers often venture to this paradisical location seeking that creative spark. The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery share a mutual love for Lake Tahoe, the perfect location to view and buy art.


Visitors will spot the impressive Frogman art collection while wandering through the gallery’s spacious walkways. The renowned sculptor creates his frog-inspired work from his Venice Beach studio in California. Through his eyes, visitors get to witness the beauty and unique traits of some of nature’s finest species. Frogman introduces viewers to Joy Ride, a sculpture highlighting the bond we share with friends and family. As the iridescent green frog piggybacks on the mottled aqua blue frog, the two paint a lovely picture of love and companionship.


Frogman relies on clean lines, meticulous detailing, saturated patinas, and flawless polishing to give Joy Ride true-to-life results. Bring home this pièce de résistance and watch it seamlessly transform a bare corner. This sculpture is available at the gallery as a limited-edition bronze piece.