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Release Date

May 2022


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Visitors who come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery are immediately drawn to the art, memorabilia, books, and knick-knacks on display. There’s something for everyone at the gallery, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned collector. The gallery’s exhibits include an eclectic mix of cultural, emotive, and imaginative subjects. Experience the depth of extraordinary perspectives, modern styles, and inspiring influences through the works of past and present artists. As you explore the gallery’s roomy viewing areas, you’ll find the spirited Frogman art collection by Tim Cotterill.

The highly revered sculptor celebrates his 31-year career with the release of the aptly named, Jackpot. Sporting a radiant gold patina with black mottling, this splashy amphibian is a most welcome addition to Frogman’s growing collection. Expressive eyes that glisten with life frame the little frog’s curious gaze. As Jackpot catches the light, his saturated patina of gold and black shimmer with stunning brilliance. Frogman captures the amphibian’s delicate contours and soft lines in striking detail. The sculptor’s flawless craftsmanship is evident in Jackpot as the frog squats on a surface brimming with life-like energy.

Place Jackpot in a garden pot, on a coffee table, or by your bedside to infuse any space with joy and comfort.