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Dimensions 18 × 6 × 3 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a relaxing space for local art enthusiasts and global visitors alike. It features a striking natural view of the mountains and Lake Tahoe. Moreover, the gallery showcases a carefully curated selection of art pieces made by California’s own alongside talented artists from around the world.

Tim Cotterill art pieces are a remarkable contribution to our unrivaled collection. The sculptor is popularly known as the Frogman because of his bronze frog sculptures — and no two sculptures look alike, thanks to Cotterill’s never-ending creativity.

Icicle is a sleek frog with a brilliant, icy blue body and black details for a stark contrast. Needless to say, its name matches the sharp chill that the sculpture emanates. Its sharp lines and smooth contours contribute to an almost life-like appearance.

The Frogman’s Icicle features a loud personality that will pop out anywhere you place the sculpture, but it’s ideal in rooms with subdued color palettes.

Cotterill’s art is equal parts elegant and whimsical because he believes we need a break from how complicated and stressful life can get. View the Icicle at our South Lake Tahoe gallery or our online exhibition.