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Dimensions 3 × 4 × 3 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery maintains a fuss-free approach to ensure visitors enjoy an uninterrupted viewing experience. For assistance with artwork information or artist inquiries, the gallery’s art consultants can be approached at any time. While strolling past the exquisite paintings, glassworks, and sculptures on display, you’ll find Frogman art, a collection by the affable Tim Cotterill.


Frogman puts all his love into his recent release, titled Hug. In this sculpture, the endearing frog balances on its hind legs, its little flippers outstretched. Hug features a spectacular pearlescent finish with a mesmerizing speckled pattern in a pastel patina. We can’t help but feel warm and fuzzy inside every time we see Hug!

While the sculpture is small in stature, there’s no denying the enormity of its emotive value. The sculptor carefully crafts this embraceable piece to highlight the frog’s delicate features and striking patina. Hug is created through the Lost Wax process, a 5000-year-old technique that registers finer details than the initial mold. For those looking to buy a statement piece, keepsake, or sentimental gift, Hug will prove to be a worthy pick.