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Something about Lake Tahoe makes it hard to leave even after you’ve spent enough time here. From its untainted beauty and high-energy vibe to its slow-living atmosphere and deep sense of community, Lake Tahoe is a home away from home. The Marcus Ashley Gallery here is a popular haunt for art lovers and opens its doors to visitors looking for a fun, educational, and enlightening experience with art. You’ll spot the inimitable Frogman art as you walk through its venerable walkways and viewing areas.


Crafted by none other than Tim “Frogman” Cotterill, the sculptures that populate his oeuvre are brilliant recreations of nature’s small species. In High Flyer, the sculptor brings into focus a staredown between a bright-yellow frog and ruby red caterpillar on a polished reed. As the frog’s wide-eyed gaze remains trained on the juicy caterpillar, it’s clear that lunch has been served!


Thanks to Frogman’s flawless execution, collectors will be impressed by the sculpture’s sleek, shimmery, and smooth finish. The sculptor’s work embodies his deep love for nature, particularly frogs. As a child, the little amphibians fascinated him with their vivid skin tones and vibrant personalities. Interested buyers will find that High Flyer is a dramatic sculpture deserving a spot in a chic or quaint space.