High Dive – BF86


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This is designed as a wall hanging sculpture


Dimensions 14.25 × 7.5 × 6 in


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There’s much to view at the Marcus Ashley Gallery with its extensive collection by artists such as Dr. Seuss, Michelangelo, Mario Jung, and Steve Barton, among others. Adults and kids alike enjoy perusing the exhibits that reveal a mix of influences from still-life to surrealism, pop art, and magic realism. The Frogman art on display by Tim Cotterill will surely get your attention. The sculptor, a celebrated metalworks virtuoso, reanimates nature’s most fascinating creatures through his sculptures.


High Dive reveals a chirpy frog positioned in a dramatic pose before it leaps off a surface. The sculpture highlights the frog’s movements moments before his lean frame is catapulted. Frogman creates a dynamic piece where the frog assumes a three-point stance against a wall. Like similar wall-mountable pieces by the sculptor, this one too will draw attention to the frog’s unique anatomy and yellow textured patina.

This little guy can be mounted on a plain surface or nestled between wall creepers to make it look like he’s reaching out for one! Therein lies the easy versatility of Frogman’s work. High Dive is a piece you will want to bring home and cherish.