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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 2 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery prides itself on being one of the best spaces in California for contemporary art. Artists from around the country and world are represented in the gallery, their collections showcased beautifully for all to see. The gallery’s patrons are committed to its community of artists, clients, and customers. 


You’ll find that the staff offers valuable advice, information, and consultation services to help you make the most of every visit. While you’re here, take a look at the Frogman art by Tim Cotterill, a world-renowned sculptor who recreates some of nature’s most fascinating creatures through his work.


Hedge Fun portrays an adventurous hedgehog foraging for an evening snack as a reclusive frog seeks refuge under a fallen oak leaf. The textured autumnal leaf provides the ideal element that joins these two disparate critters into one charming sculpture. Caution ladybugs, hedgehogs have been known to munch on insects!

Frogman’s vision for the sculpture comes to life through a palette of rich tones and delightful proportions. Relying on a mix of soft and bold patinas, the sculptor underscores clean craftsmanship through a composition of rich value. Hedge Fun is a lovely piece to add to one’s growing collection of Frogman works.