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Visitors to Lake Tahoe will be awestruck by the breathtaking landscape and unique topography of this Sierra Nevada region. The slice of paradise comes to life from season to season, drawing visitors from all over the country and world. After a day of exploring Lake Tahoe’s gems, you will love strolling through the impressive Marcus Ashley Gallery in Heavenly Village. Known for its commendable collection of Frogman art, the gallery is also home to a bevy of exhibits, gift items, and books that will keep you occupied for hours.


The England-born sculptor works out of his Venice Beach studio in California, recreating nature’s lesser-known beauties. From geckos to frogs to koi fish to birds, Frogman is famed for his animal-inspired works of art. In Head Over Heels, a vivacious frog flips dramatically in an attempt to impress a potential mate. As it leaps forward into still waters, its slender frame stretches to reveal a lovely sanguine patina with a speckled finish. The frog’s white underbelly offers a lovely contrast against the bright pop of red.

Head Over Heels will make the perfect gift for someone who adores frogs or loves whimsical gifts. The gallery houses several sculptures by Frogman that are worth adding to one’s collection.