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Lake Tahoe is a picturesque, buzzing Californian region with some of North America’s most breathtaking views of still waters and the Sierra Nevada mountains. Its beauty is what drew the patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery to this scenic spot in Heavenly Village. With over 100 years of combined experience, the staff at the gallery are well-informed, highly trained purveyors of the art world. You’ll find that the showroom is the perfect location to acquire the Frogman art by Tim Cotterill.


Cotterill fondly goes by the moniker ‘Frogman’ for his deep love and adoration for amphibians and aquatic life. His ability to recreate the subjects and scenes of a moment in time makes his work special. His artistic flair and unique craftsmanship are always on display through his work.

A prime example of his unique artistic approach can be seen in Free Spirit. In the sculpture, a perky frog leaps into the air over wild grass, his nimble frame extended over the grass, revealing a lovely burnished gold patina. There’s much to learn from his confidence and faith in the unknown. The sculpture will introduce palpable energy and character to any space. Collectors will love how Free Spirit never appears out of place in a room.