Fat Boy – BF47


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This is designed as a leg over the edge sculpture


Dimensions 5 × 5.5 × 4.5 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery regularly hosts new collection unveilings, events, and live artist demonstrations. Clients and customers are kept abreast of what’s happening at the showroom through newsletters and social platforms. Visitors can partake in artist Q&As and community interactions that focus on all things art. Do visit the gallery in Lake Tahoe if you’d like to be part of all the action.


The prestigious showroom is happy to curate Frogman art that most visitors fall in love with at first sight. Known for his animal-themed sculptures, the artisan sketches, molds, and finally casts his bronzed beauties for all to see. You’ll instantly recognize a Frogman classic through the sculptor’s unique vision and extraordinary precision.


In Fat Boy, a chunky frog lies in a sedated trance after a scrumptious feast. The amphibian sports a forest green patina with dark markings for mottled skin. As its outstretched leg dangles over the ledge, one is reminded of lazy afternoons spent in the sun. It looks like Fat Boy isn’t budging an inch any time soon!


This sculpture is designed to hang over an edge, such as a windowsill, planter, garden step, or bookshelf. Frogman creates a fun piece that will surely bring a smile to your face.