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*Waxed patinas recommended for outdoor use.





Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

July 2022

Fans of the Frogman art collection will be delighted to find the artist’s sculptural beauties on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill is a talented sculptor, particularly fond of amphibians. His work captures the striking characteristics of frogs, owls, geckos, and koi fish as he sees them in their natural habitats. Frogman’s affinity for creatures of the wild comes through in stark detail and delicate craftsmanship. The sculptor relies on the time-consuming Lost Wax Method, a demanding technique that produces remarkable, true-to-life results.

Larger than life, the perpetually upside-down Fabio officially joins and rules the Frogman pond! The frog stands tall on its front legs as it leaps into the glistening depths of its watery abode. A selection of iridescent, perfectly burnished patinas adds a striking finish to the frog’s agile frame. Frogman captures a frog’s whimsical nature in this lovely sculpture. Fabio features gold-tipped black webbed feet like the rest of Frogman’s amphibious entourage. The dramatic piece of art will draw attention from any corner of a room or garden.

Fabio can become a classic addition to a fan’s growing collection of the sculptor’s work. With only 50 limited-edition pieces available, collectors have a rare opportunity to snatch up this Frogman classic before it’s gone.