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Dimensions 6 × 3.25 × 3 in


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Lake Tahoe isn’t just a place for people who enjoy hiking, nature walks, and swimming in its Caribbean-blue waters. Visitors can also indulge in lively casino nights, upscale to casual dining, and exciting shopping sprees. For those looking for a refreshing and uplifting way to spend a day, you’ll find that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is just the place for it.


Thanks to its spacious interiors, the mammoth showroom has often been mistaken for a museum. Stroll past some of the most exciting and iconic collections, including Frogman art by Tim Cotterill. The California-based sculptor turns his passion for nature’s tiny creatures into works of art.


A most accommodating textured silver snail provides passage for a lackadaisical cherry red frog in EsCargo. Clearly, time is not of the essence for the dynamic duo moving at a snail’s pace! Frogman has definitely “snailed it” with this delightful release. This is another of Frogman’s whimsical sculptures of a frog hitching a ride on the back of a slow-moving creature.


EsCargo is an amusing portrayal of an unlikely sighting from nature’s backyard and is the sculptor’s way of bringing a little joy and comfort to a collector. EsCargo, like other sculptures by Frogman, is available at the gallery for your viewing pleasure.