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The best part about collecting art is that you don’t have to be an aficionado to enjoy its beauty and depth. At the Marcus Ashley Gallery, all are welcome to experience the creative acuity of artists from in and around the country. From Michelangelo and
Dr. Seuss to Michael Parkes and Ira Reines, the prestigious showroom is home to emerging and established talent. While you’re here, do explore the Frogman art collection for a close look at nature’s lovely creatures through the eyes of Tim Cotterill.


In Dinner for Two Frogman reimagines a scene right out of the woodlands of his hometown. An eager frog gently shakes a reed to displace a caterpillar dangling just out of reach. The juicy bright red caterpillar is good enough for two frogs but for this little guy, it’s a treat he plans on enjoying alone! Sculpted with immaculate precision, the sculpture beautifully captures the nuances of the unfolding scene. As always, Frogman relies on expert craftsmanship to accentuate his adoration for amphibians.

Frogman’s work is often amusing and gratifying to view at length. Interested buyers will love how this piece adds visual depth and an exciting spin to an interior space. Dinner for Two will look fabulous in any corner of a quaint or upscale room.