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Travelers and locals who spend time in Lake Tahoe find that it is a quaint, thriving destination with a warm community and diverse attractions. Tucked at the center of Heavenly Village is where you will find the modern Marcus Ashley Gallery. The colossal showroom exhibits a plethora of pieces with influences from abstract to impressionism and surrealism. If you’re looking to expand an existing collection or on the hunt for a new artist, there’s no place like the gallery to fulfill your needs.


You’ll also find that the gallery is a one-stop destination for Frogman art. The English sculptor spends his time crafting nature’s finest creatures from his Venice Beach studio in California.


Dimples the frog holds a striking resemblance to the Surinam toad, which also features perforations along its back. This particular sculpture has dimpled skin from the tip of its nose to the end of its tiny nub. Frogman goes with earthy raw bronze and rust-colored patinas to highlight the frog’s stout frame. 


Dimples will look right at home in a potted plant, on a windowsill, or alongside other Frogman masterpieces gazing at onlookers with its soulful eyes.