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This is designed as a leg over the edge sculpture


Dimensions 4 × 7 × 6 in


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Viewing art can often be therapeutic once you let the depth and nature of the piece permeate your senses. The Marcus Ashley Gallery invites visitors to experience the transformational power of art while exploring its highly acclaimed collections. Spend a day admiring the exhibits on display, particularly the exciting Frogman art. The sculptor breathes life into the little creatures that thrive in the lap of nature. Through his frog-inspired collections, you’ll find that even the tiniest of species hold a beauty of their own.


Clover is an adventurous little frog you will often find perched on higher ground. Instead of crouching under a leaf or squatting by a pond, this little guy prefers to live life on the edge, quite literally. The sculpture is sure to bring you good luck! With a beautiful new green patina that shimmers with hints of blue, this bronze Frogman sculpture is complimented with a striking dark belly.

Frogman molds the striking frog with meticulous precision and a keen eye for detail. The longer you observe this iridescent beauty, the more real it appears! This eye-catching sculpture can be placed on the end of a bookshelf, table, potted plant, windowsill, or garden steps. Frog lovers and fans of the sculptor will love how Clover animates any spot he occupies.