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The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery share a mutual love for the Sierra Nevada region, and for good reason. Verdant landscapes, majestic mountain ranges, sparkling turquoise waters, and untouched rugged terrain are just some of the things that make Lake Tahoe an enchanting destination. Visitors who stop by the gallery will be drawn to the inviting, well-preserved, contemporary interiors. Its spacious walkways and viewing areas exhibit a diverse blend of local, national, and international collections, including Frogman art.


Tim Cotterill fondly goes by the moniker ‘Frogman’ for his extensive artwork centered on this amphibious species. His expertise expands to other animal-inspired subjects such as geckos, birds, and koi fish. In Cliffhanger, a dramatic scene unfolds as a tawny-tinted frog attempts to mount a fallen leaf. Sitting on one end of the leaf is an observant sapphire-blue frog that watches in amusement as his companion attempts to leap on board.


Frogman crafts the sculpture to give his fans a fun way to decorate a space. Cliffhanger can be placed on the edge of any surface like a table, step, potted plant, or ledge. The lovely jewel-toned patinas of the sculpture will effortlessly complement a minimalist or maximalist aesthetic.