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Dimensions 13 × 6 × 7.25 in


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Art lovers who wish to expand their collections will find that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is the perfect place to acquire treasured finds. While strolling past the impressive exhibits on display, you’ll find the Frogman art Tim Cotterill’s oeuvre on display.

A wildflower is a flower that grows where it was not intentionally seeded or planted, even if it is growing where it would naturally grow. Tim Cotterill’s childhood home was surrounded by a yellow wildflower similar to the California poppy. He mentioned that the golden California flower reminds him of his youth and his mother. The sculpture was released as a tribute to his childhood, California, his mother, and the man he has become under her care.

California Gold boasts variegated gold petals that contrast beautifully with a saturated purple frog. The frog is making its way over to the poppy, reclaiming the California landscape overtaken by settlers. It was also important to Tim to craft the poppy to likeness. He hopes those who have experienced the California poppy’s splendor can reminisce while those who have never had the pleasure may dream of it. The links between them represent the rugged nature of the wildflower and frog, forever connected. 

California Gold is an extraordinary, symbolic, and unique sculpture for one to own.