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The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe is a must-visit place for tourists from the country and around the world. Whether you wish to stoke a growing curiosity for art or discover new pieces to fill a space with, the gallery is the perfect place to do just that. You’ll find that the consultants at the gallery are more than happy to share their knowledge on the showcased art. Instead of pushing customers to make a buy, the staff invites viewers to absorb and enjoy the collections, including the Frogman art.


Bright and whimsical, Frogman’s violet Bali has the pearlescent spirit of balmy island days. This sculpture’s rich patina transitions to deeper blacks as it moves towards the amphibian’s outstretched webbed feet. The contrasting hues aim to create a composition of balance, value, and perspective. Positioned as if it is inching closer, the sculpture is an effortless reanimation of the little frog.


Frogman’s love for amphibious creatures has only grown over time and is evident through his work. Unassuming and honest, Frogman’s artistic endeavors allow us to appreciate one of nature’s finest specimens. Bali is a stunning piece that catches beautifully in the morning light. Collect the rest of the Islanders and watch them create a shimmering Frogman rainbow!