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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.5 × 9.5 in

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There’s no place quite like the Marcus Ashley Gallery, where you’ll find an expansive selection of eclectic exhibits, art books, and memorabilia. Visitors find that the gallery is a delightful place to converse with like-minded individuals who share a mutual love for art. You’ll discover that the staff is well-versed with Frogman art and happy to assist interested buyers with information on the sculptor’s impressive work.


The sculptor molds Wallis, a barn owl, gazing intently into the night, presumably in search of its next prey. A blend of earthy tones infuses the sculpture’s back, settling into a creamy hue on the front. Young, curious, and focused, the barn owl assumes a commanding posture. The signature gold patina on the nocturnal beauty’s sharp beak and talons give the sculpture a finishing touch.


The flawless features, brilliant sheen, and true-to-life appearance of his sculptures make Frogman’s work instantly distinguishable. A celebrated metalworks sculptor, he aims to capture the energy, spirit, and life of this planet’s creatures. Collectors will appreciate Frogman’s ability to recreate the beauty of nature’s finest species.


Take home this sculpture and let its strong presence complement your sense of taste. Whether you place it by a window, couch, or dinner table, Wallis will introduce a unique aesthetic to any corner of a room.