Shackleton – BF260


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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

February 2022


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe is thrilled to exhibit Frogman art. His metalworks capture the beauty, character, and remarkable details of nature’s creatures. Frogman reveals how his fascination for amphibians, geckos, koi fish, and birds developed when he was just a child. Today, the creatures fill the breadth of his work in vibrant, lustrous hues that sparkle beautifully in the light.


In Shackleton, Frogman recreates an adorable barn owl with stunning depth and detail. Notice how his deep-set black eyes stare back with life-like curiosity and wonder. The sculptor accentuates the owl’s talons and feet to draw attention to its graceful character and poise. He opts for an ivory patina that mimics the barn owl’s lovely plumage. The barn owl’s gold and black features create a striking contrast against its feathers.


Frogman’s meticulous sculpting and attention to detail make his work stand out. His incredible metal and bronze sculptures are an exact representation of his subjects in their splendid natural forms. Frogman’s feathered friend will lend soothing energy to a room. Display Shackleton on a corner table, window sill, or counter that receives plenty of light. Interested buyers will find him perched proudly at the Marcus Ashley Gallery.