Napoleon – BF222


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Dimensions 22.5 × 4 × 4 in

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At the Marcus Ashley Gallery, you can lay your eyes on some of the world’s finest collections that will move and inspire you. The renowned establishment is a frequent haunt for private collectors, artists, and prominent figures who enjoy viewing and buying art. The gallery is a prime destination to explore the hugely popular Frogman art. The sculptor is a highly trained metalworks expert whose animal-inspired collections are a treasure to own.


Frogman’s Napoleon is a barn owl sitting atop a tapered pillar, silently observing the world from his perch. The sculptor relies on a speckled brown patina to highlight the owl’s rich plumage. As the patina diffuses to the back of its body, the tones take on a deep rust-like, marbled hue. Frogman chooses an inky black patina to recreate the intense gaze of the owl with stark realness.


A regal gold patina coats the pointy beak and talons, completing this beautiful piece. Napoleon will command the aesthetic of any room with its graceful demeanor and unmistakable charm. The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to a bevy of Frogman’s sculptures that visitors can view and buy online or in person.