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Dimensions 9.5 × 6.5 × 5.75 in

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Lake Tahoe attracts Californians and tourists from far and near. From skiing to hiking to mountain climbing to sightseeing, it is the perfect getaway to do it all. Visitors can take a break from outdoor activities and spend a day at the prestigious Marcus Ashley Gallery. Here is where you’ll find the inimitable Frogman art, a collection of the sculptor’s impressive metalworks.


Hamilton is Frogman’s 13th owl addition. It sports a rich mahogany patina across its head and body that seamlessly transitions to tawny-toned plumage. One look at Hamilton, and his curious stare will transfix you. Highly polished brows offset its deep, dark eyes. The sculptor chooses a rich gold patina for the pointy beak and sharp talons to complement this striking feature.


Frogman’s collection of quirky and small creatures will delight viewers from the first encounter. It’s no surprise why his work is sought after by budding and novice collectors. The sculptor’s extraordinary craftsmanship and refreshing perspective make his art extremely sought after. Enjoy the calming energy of Hamilton as it occupies a coffee table, window sill, or nook.