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What’s remarkable about the Marcus Ashley Gallery is that it’s home to not only fine paintings and canvas prints but also sculptures. For nature lovers, nothing will be quite as intriguing as the Tim Cotterill art collection. Visitors from far and wide always stop to marvel at the sculptor’s meticulous, vibrant handiwork.

Cotterill’s metal, bronze, and gold sculptures are in high demand for their meticulous detailing and bright colors. The sculptor’s fascination for nature’s little creatures stems from a childhood of closely observing them. Each sculpture bears a stamp of distinct individuality that Cotterill captures with brilliant craftsmanship.

Cotterill’s ability to create sculptures of animals besides his signature frogs comes through in the birds’ collection. The imposing owl sculpture bears an uncanny lifelike appearance. Its unblinking beady eyes, pointy beak, smooth feathers, and sharp talons draw attention to its subtle yet dignified appearance.

The sculptor expertly captures the beauty of creation through his work. This owl will make a great addition to an idyllic or upscale space. Bronson B2F55 is available for purchase at the Marcus Ashley Gallery and can be viewed at leisure in-person or online.