True Blue


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Hand painted original sculpture


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At the Marcus Ashley Gallery, everyone is welcome to experience the comforting, inspiring, and powerful themes of art. The gallery opens its doors to visitors from all walks of life who come by to explore the eclectic collections on display, giving visitors a glimpse into a fascinating motley of different art forms. As part of its growing oeuvre of exquisite pieces is Fabio Napoleoni art, a collection of heartwarming, fun paintings and sculptures. In a recently released collection of love bombs, the artist reveals love’s different colors and moods.

The True Blue sculpture carries a big heart with a slight sheen, painted across a black resin surface. Napoleoni conveys the deep loyalty and commitment love brings with it. When we share that love with someone else, magic happens. Our hearts sprout roots of love that dig deep. No matter how much time passes by, those roots only grow deeper. Napoleoni is familiar with how true-blue love grows stronger over time and makes a home for itself within the heart. He hopes to inspire others to commit to love the same way he has towards his family.

True Blue carries Napoleoni’s explosive expression of love, a sentiment that has touched fans everywhere. Grab your original True Blue today before it’s gone!