No Boundries


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Hand painted original sculpture


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The power of art is indescribable and best experienced up-close and personal. Have an up close and personal experience with art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, which has a commendable array of Michelangelo, Steve Barton, Ira Reines, and Fabio Napoleoni art. The gallery staff is always happy to take visitors through the artist’s background, creative process, and the inspiration behind their work.

Napoleoni ‘blows us away’ with his handpainted love bomb sculptures in a new series of must-have collectibles. No Boundaries features pride-inspired rainbow stripes across a big heart that proudly beats to the rhythm of what it stands for. The artist encourages his audience to embrace their individuality and identity.

The sculpture represents love with no boundaries, regardless of race and gender. Together, we are one in love and life, a lovely way of seeing the beauty in people. This touching concept shines bright in No Boundaries. We love how Napoleoni isn’t afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. The sculpture No Boundaries is a testament to his tireless campaign on love.