Explosive Smile


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Hand painted original sculpture


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The Fabio Napoleoni art on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery is a hit with kids and adults alike. The talented artist recently visited the gallery to unveil a new line of sculptures. While Napoleoni is known for his vivid paintings that showcase whimsical characters, his sculptures capture a different facet of his creativity. Emotional value is at the heart of his work, making it highly relatable for fans.

The artist’s ability to freely express himself through his paintings and sculptures sheds light on years of learning, falling, and overcoming life’s curveballs. Napoleoni shows us how love, hope, and joy are the pillars of a meaningful relationship with ourselves and those we hold dear.

Explosive Smile is a love bomb sculpture featuring a bright-red happy heart and fans of Napoleoni’s work will instantly recognize its symbolic message. A pop of crimson red paint diffuses the black resin surface, so the smiley heart stands out. The hand-painted sculpture is a fun, creative piece with a strong message. Explosive Smile will make a cool showpiece for a coffee table or an office desk. Pick up your love bomb today and pair it with similar creations by Napoleoni.