Tipping Point


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a prime location for new and seasoned collectors to view and acquire Fabio Napoleoni art. Known for his quirky, heartwarming themes of love, hope, and bravery, the artist is an inspiration to young talent. Napoleoni often uses Marcenivo (a lovable ragdoll character) in his work to epitomize the immense love he holds for his daughter. His work kindles joy, compassion, and hope in viewers, and his best pieces are proudly displayed at the gallery in Lake Tahoe.

Tipping Point reveals Marcenivo with his fist raised into the air as the words above him materialize in bright red paint. Taken from the famous rap song The Message by Furious Five and Grandmaster Flash, the artwork is Napoleoni’s representation of modern-day violence. Tipping Point supports the ongoing narrative that even the docile can be pushed over the edge when provoked. The piece also shows us how we must remain strong even when the world doesn’t make it easy.

For Tipping Point, Napoleoni relies on a muted palette of ash gray, dusty beige, and vivid red. As always, a plump red heart sits by Marcenivo — a reminder to fans and viewers of the power of love.