Patiently Awaiting


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“When I look at something, I like to fall in love with it. I like for that painting to make my guts feel funny.” – Fabio Napoleoni

Fans and passionate collectors will be enamored by the Fabio Napoleoni art on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, home to over 40 local, national, and international artists. Come and explore the magnificent exhibits, mingle with like-minded folks, and take home a keepsake that will forever remind you of your time at the gallery.

Napoleoni is an expressive artist known for his pop art creations but even more so for his emotive oeuvre. As a new father, he experienced a vortex of emotions that helped him discover a new perspective on life that reflects in his art.

In Patiently Awaiting, Napoleoni paints Marcenivo idling in a weathered boat with his signature red heart tethered to a string. Together the rag doll and the heart wait for the tide to swell and take them away and across the ocean. The artist shares how the doll represents himself and is a culmination of his previously created characters.

Napoleoni captures the beauty of going with the flow and letting life unravel at its own pace. Rich, serene colors permeate Patiently Awaiting with the artist’s distinct brushwork and choice of colors.