Kill Them with Kindness


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Enhanced Artist Proof

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist.

Shipping and Framing

This will come to you either unframed and tubed with complimentary Continental U.S. shipping – use code ARTFREESHIP – or you can add a custom frame with us.

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is excited to curate and display Fabio Napoleoni art within its venerable walls. Napoleoni is well-known for his playful yet deeply moving representations of human emotions and interactions. Through his work, you will find that innocence, love, and joy prevail even in dark moments. The artist inspires audiences to find the light in bleak situations and rise above others’ expectations. Visitors can come and explore some of his finest work at the gallery.

The idiom ‘kill them with kindness’ is not easy to live by when anger is an instinctive reaction toward rude behavior. In this giclee, Napoleoni sketches Marcenivo in boxing shorts and gloves, ready to take on haters. Notice how his gloves are marked with an X and O for kisses and hugs. Right enough, every punch that Marcenivo lands is filled with love.

Kill Them With Kindness carries muted shades of ivory and gray with pops of red that symbolize love. A plump heart, as always, appears beside Marcenivo as a constant through good times and bad. Kill Them With Kindness serves as a lovely reminder to act from a place of love. Napoleoni shows us how unsavory behavior is best tackled with kindness and dignity.