Trappist System


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“Electricity tries to reach the ground the fastest way it can, so it goes through the puddles of paint because water is a marvelous conductor.” – Dave Archer


The Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe houses the work of new and established artists under one roof. After spending a day outdoors, visitors can come by the gallery to escape to bizarre and wonderful worlds. You’ll get to explore sculptures, lithographs, original paintings, and other superlative exhibits like Dave Archer art at the gallery. The artist’s work will slingshot you to surreal corners across distant galaxies.


Archer conveys how Trappist System projects a similar atmosphere as maintained by Trappists (Christian monks under the Cistercian order) who take a vow of silence. In a universe devoid of sound, one’s eyes are left to absorb the beauty and sheer power of cosmic events. The artist paints a fluorescent nebula inching across the expanse while it births planets in its wake. To the naked eye, this painting is nothing short of phenomenal.


Trappist System is a testament to Archer’s inventive and authentic artistic approach. His work is highly coveted by the art community, so be sure to snag this original piece before it’s gone.