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“All my paintings are done inside out and backwards so that you’re viewing it from the opposite side of the glass.” – Dave Archer


Prepare to witness the mind-bending works of Dave Archer art at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The patrons are stoked to display the artist’s work alongside the gallery’s rich reserve of fine art. Archer is highly praised for his ability to transport viewers to faraway galaxies through his reverse glass paintings. Do have a look at his impressive works at the gallery and take home a masterpiece.


Hurtle through a dizzying wormhole that will plant you smack in the middle of a foreign galaxy in Stargate. Archer invites viewers to abandon the familiar and explore a world like no other where wisps of mist and swirling vortexes of iridescent clouds command the foreground. Mellow gradient hues diffuse the planets, their forms briefly illuminated in the light of the stars.


The artist introduces distinct textural depth that gives the orbs a lovely tactile finish while carefully recreating an imaginative plain that encapsulates a wondrous corner of the universe. Interested buyers can reach out to the gallery’s staff for assistance on how to position Stargate in a way that elevates an existing aesthetic in a room.