Secret Sauce


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“When a finished painting is done, it’s framed with hanging lights shining on it, not through it.” – Dave Archer


There are plenty of exhibits at the Marcus Ashley Gallery that visitors will find delightful to explore. Both novice and seasoned collectors will be impressed and lost for words by the magnificence of the Dave Archer art on display. The artist is highly acclaimed for his reverse glass paintings. He relies on the electric painting technique that involves high discharges of electricity generated through a Tesla coil. His largely space-centric paintings can be seen in elite galleries in and around the US and the world.


Archer’s release titled Secret Sauce is a poetic expression of the artist’s abstract and bold style of painting. Viewers will feel a deep sense of peace as their eyes travel past the primordial mist and mint-hued crusted planet. In the stillness, the elements of Secret Sauce orbit in unison amidst the vortex of space clouds. The painting acts as a portal to another galaxy, propelling you past stars, planets, and puffs of energized clouds.


Archer’s paintings closely resemble the cosmic drama captured by the Hubble telescope. It’s what makes Secret Sauce such an incredible painting to get your hands on.