Passion – Triptych


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3 piece set






“The clouds created by this tool are full of raw and wild energy, very primal.” – Dave Archer


Lake Tahoe, a quaint Californian region, is home to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains that encircle pristine greenery and azure waters. The region’s limitless beauty is what drew the patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery to this place. Here, visitors get to peruse some of the world’s finest collections by artists such as Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, and Alexander Volkov. Tourists and locals enjoy exploring the eclectic collections on display at the gallery, including Dave Archer art.


The three-piece set of paintings titled Passion – Triptych is a breathtaking example of Archer’s extraordinary perspective. In these paintings, the artist depicts the galaxy in vivid detail as stars, planets, and swirls of holographic-hued clouds expand across the sky. The juxtaposition of jewel and sorbet tones creates a captivating composition of form, shape, and value. It’s clear that the artist is a true master of the electric painting process and how.


Archer either screen-prints the planets or scrapes away portions of the glass surface to reveal orb reliefs. Finally, he goes in by hand to fill the planets with vivid paint. Passion – Triptych is a brilliant masterpiece that will command attention and appreciation.