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“It’s like a conspiracy between me and electricity, a tremendous burst of creative energy–so to speak.” – Dave Archer

There’s a certain kind of magic that is revealed when one peruses the works of great artists. Experience this and more at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, a one-stop location to view and buy Dave Archer art. Besides the artist’s sensational oeuvre of space paintings, the gallery also curates grand exhibits, memorabilia, and art books. Visitors can explore Archer’s exquisite work online or in person at Lake Tahoe and take home one or more original paintings.

Fireside projects an astronomical phenomenon that one can witness from the comfort of any room. For those of us who aren’t privileged to witness the power of cosmic events, Archer’s painting makes a worthy substitute. The artist creates a swirling vortex of smoke that underscores the form and shapes of neighboring celestial bodies.

While performing the electric painting technique, Archer releases millions of volts onto glass to create a mesmerizing display of glowy cloud activity. Fireside depicts a kind of cosmic volcanic eruption that is both captivating and transcendental. Viewers will be blown away by Archer’s electricity-induced process of manipulating acrylic paint on glass.