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“When a finished painting is done, it’s framed with hanging lights shining on it, not through it.” – Dave Archer

If you’re looking for Dave Archer art, there’s no better place to explore the space painter’s riveting collection than at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The artist’s rise to fame is as fascinating as the craft he’s developed over decades of practice. Thanks to his long-time collaboration with Ron Russell and Lee Byrd, Archer was able to perfect the art of electric painting on glass. Today, his work is proudly displayed in elite galleries around the world.

In Even Flow, Archer gives viewers a closeup of a blush-tinted planet with a visible, tactile finish. Swirling patterned eddies diffuse the medium with an ethereal luminescence to complete its powerful presence amidst the vast universe. The artist includes stars, comets, and the planet itself with hand-painted precision. To perfect the circular nature of the planet, Archer relies on the silk-screen printing technique. The stenciling process creates clean shapes that the artist can easily work with.

Even Flow possesses tremendous energy and is a classic example of Archer’s proficiency and eye for detail. It’s just the painting for astrophiles and space art collectors.