Color Fusion


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“A painting of mine should hold the viewer in aesthetic arrest.” – Dave Archer

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery are delighted to showcase Dave Archer art. A revered practitioner of the reverse glass painting technique, the artist’s work acts as doorways to galactic dreamscapes. Archer’s work has been used on the USS Enterprise for several Star Trek episodes. His work has also featured on sci-fi book jackets for authors like Larry Niven and Isaac Asimov. Visitors to the gallery can explore the artist’s work in-depth and take home an original Archer masterpiece that appeals to them.

In Color Fusion, Archer demonstrates cosmic activity illuminated by the moon. In the soft moonlight glow, the vibrant forms of the planets emerge from the darkness. The mood created by the moon’s presence is magical and ethereal. Archer reimagines this slice of the universe against a mystical swirl of clouds and stardust. He relies on the silk screening technique to create the flawless shapes of the planets. This allows him to introduce indispensable details that work in sync with the unfolding scene.

Color Fusion is an incredible piece of art that underscores Archer’s uncanny ability to recreate near-perfect, true-to-life cosmic events.