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“The electricity follows the paint’s path to the edge of the glass. Then it goes into the ground. Why, I don’t know. It’s one of those mysteries of science.” – Dave Archer

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery recognize and celebrate the work of talented artists from the US and around the world. Upcoming and acclaimed artists are equally revered at the gallery, where their collections are showcased for visitors to appreciate. Besides the sculptures, original paintings, and limited-edition pieces on display, the gallery also exhibits Dave Archer art. The electric painting artist started working on reverse glass art in the 1970s, and today, he is acclaimed across the world for his magnificent spacescapes.

Viewers will sense spiritual energy and power from Archer’s painting titled, Mystic. Amber-infused patterns of unreal celestial clouds and dust permeate the glass panel. Amidst the dramatic climax, planets emerge in every direction, scattering steadily across the galactic plane. Archer blends a premeditated choice of paint colors on the glass to produce unpredictable results that don’t disappoint.

The painting involves the use of mixed media to create a stunning, imaginative reproduction of the universe’s hidden mysteries. Mystic embodies the essence and purity of Archer’s artistic process and unmatched perspective.