Magic Space


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“Magic Space” unveils a breathtaking cosmic landscape where vibrant planets and swirling nebulae dance against the backdrop of a star-studded sky. The central focus of the piece is a large, textured planet bathed in ethereal light, its surface intricately detailed with a blend of icy blues and luminous greens. Surrounding this majestic planet are smaller celestial bodies in hues of red, yellow, and purple, adding depth and a sense of infinite exploration.

The nebula, rendered in vivid shades of green, blue, and violet, creates a dynamic, almost magical, ribbon across the artwork. This celestial cloud, brought to life with the energetic strokes of a Tesla coil, adds a sense of movement and otherworldly beauty to the scene. The stars, meticulously placed, sparkle like distant diamonds, enhancing the mystical quality of the piece.

Forrester Archer’s innovative use of electricity and mixed media on glass results in a captivating interplay of light, color, and texture, making “Magic Space” a mesmerizing focal point in any space. This piece beautifully captures the grandeur and mystery of the universe, inviting viewers to contemplate the vastness of space and the wonders it holds.