Live Your Best Life


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“Live Your Best Life” is a striking original mixed media on glass art piece by Dave Archer, known for his unique “art storms” method. Archer’s method involves the electrifying technique of using a Tesla coil to send currents through acrylic and resin paints, producing vibrant shocks of color that evoke the visual of a lightning storm contained on glass. These shocks form the base layer of the artwork, full of dynamic color and movement.

In this composition, a serene and textured planet takes center stage, glowing softly against the backdrop of a dark, star-studded cosmos. The halo of light that surrounds this central planet adds to its prominence and creates a focal point within the piece. Surrounding this planet are smaller celestial bodies, each distinct in size and color, contributing to the diversity and scale of the scene.

The background is a fantastical blend of colors, swirling together to form what appears to be an interstellar nebula. Hues of blue, green, orange, and purple mix chaotically, yet harmoniously, simulating the breathtaking nebulas found in deep space. This cosmic landscape suggests movement and energy, as if capturing the very essence of life and vitality.

The title “Live Your Best Life” may imply a message of inspiration and positivity, encouraging viewers to reflect on the boundless opportunities life offers, much like the infinite expanse of the universe. This piece could be seen as a visual representation of potential and growth, urging one to reach for their highest aspirations amidst the vastness of their personal universe.

Archer’s ability to paint over the electrified patterns with precision, creating structured and dreamlike celestial bodies, showcases his mastery of transforming chaos into order. “Live Your Best Life” is not only a visual feast but also a metaphorical expression of Archer’s vision of living vibrantly, with each brushstroke representing the limitless possibilities that await in the cosmos of our lives.