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“The clouds created by this tool are full of raw and wild energy, very primal.” – Dave Archer

Take a trip to Lake Tahoe and experience the jaw-dropping beauty of nature. Visit the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe and be swept away by the grandeur of some of the finest works of art under one roof, including Dave Archer art. Through his work the award-winning space painter shares a brilliant perspective of a world beyond the stars.

In Light Show, holographic hues diffuse the glass panel with a hypnotic display of celestial activity. Cosmic orbs occupy the sky’s expanse in lively shades of pastel. After the electric painting process is complete, Archer adds in the comet and planets. Using airbrushing or hand-painting techniques, he fills in the little details to create an interesting composition of shape, texture, and form. Although seemingly chaotic at first glance, Light Show holds subtle synergistic energy that viewers will feel drawn to.

This painting will look stunning against a wall that receives soft ambient or natural light. Interested buyers can reach out to the gallery for assistance in creating a pleasing aesthetic for a room with similar pieces.