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“All my paintings are done inside out and backwards so that you’re viewing it from the opposite side of the glass.” – Dave Archer

Exploring art is a rewarding and fulfilling experience, and one can indulge in it to their heart’s content at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The prestigious showroom is home to some of the world’s finest exhibits, including Dave Archer art. The artist is a maestro of electric painting, a tedious process requiring skill, dexterity, and patience. To create his paintings, Archer guides a wand that emits bolts of electricity on a high-strength glass panel doused with conductive paint. The results left behind by the process are nothing short of incredible.

In Ireland, bold tones of emerald and seafoam commingle with ethereal ashy pastels to reveal a spectacular cosmic event. Archer relies predominantly on rich green-tinted hues and tactile 3D-like planets to create a mesmerizing composition of value, texture, and form.

A significant amount of electricity is projected onto the glass to get the effect of the interstellar clouds. Steam and fire erupt across the panel during the process, supporting the primordial narratives that Archer brings to life. Ireland will instantly spruce up a room with warmth and an addictive sense of comfort.