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“When a finished painting is done, it’s framed with hanging lights shining on it, not through it.” – Dave Archer

Visitors to the Marcus Ashley Gallery will be impressed by its rustic yet contemporary interiors. The grand space is home to Dave Archer art and works by past and present artists. Experienced and budding collectors can reach out to staff well-versed with the collections on display. The gallery is a prime location to view and acquire some of the best art in and around California.

Archer’s work has been featured in several TV shows such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Eye to Eye With Connie Chung. As a renowned space art painter, he relies on the electric painting technique to create stunning works of art.

In Freestyle, high-intensity light bolts leave behind fascinating eddies of swirling clouds on glass. Planets in bright pastel hues occupy the galaxy as a canvas of stars rises in the background. After every electric painting process, the artist adds finer details such as the stars and planets. Archer shares his unique perspective through a strong composition of value and form. Freestyle is a spectacular reimagination of fascinating cosmic activity.