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“All my paintings are done inside out and backwards so that you’re viewing it from the opposite side of the glass.” – Dave Archer

Visitors who visit Marcus Ashley Gallery find themselves transfixed by the collections on display, including Dave Archer art. The gallery is a popular location to view and buy art for private and public spaces. Archer’s work has graced the walls of several high-end establishments like the NASA space station. Electric painting is the artist’s forte and one he has mastered from as early as the 1970s.

First Class is a spectacular example of Archer’s years of perfecting electric painting with a Tesla coil-powered apparatus. Layers of water-based acrylic paint adhere to the surface before being supercharged. Wielding an aluminum wand that generates millions of electrical volts, the artist energizes the paint on the glass. After every process, the influenced paints take on a startling effect of soft and dark patterns.

The artist goes in with a brush to include additional details in “First Class”, such as the planets, stars, and comets. As the celestial objects circulate across the vast sky, a powerful whirlpool of swirling clouds takes center stage. “First Class” is an absolute masterpiece by Archer that deserves to be showcased in a room.